Want to write for us? Here's what we're looking for:

Is there a favorite recipe you couldn't live without? A cooking or baking tip you swear by? How about a new cookbook that just came out and needs reviewing? Any and all of the above are welcome.

Have you learned something you want to share with readers, or experienced God in a newer, deeper way? Are you questioning specific aspects of your faith or in the process of exploring doubts? Is there a news article or book that's got you thinking and feeling challenged? Tell us about it in a personal essay or op-ed piece.

What's fueling your creativity these days? Give us a firsthand look at any inspiration, moments of glory, and inevitable pitfalls you've encountered in the process of making something from nothing, i.e. "art" (and we use that term loosely here).

These will mainly be in the form of a Q&A with someone you admire and who is living an "edible life." What has this person’s journey looked like so far? What choices/decisions/sacrifices did he/she have to make? What was his/her inspiration for moving in this direction? In other words, think about what we all can learn from this person, and ask questions to highlight those little gems. What do they have figured out that we don't yet?

Send all submission ideas with a brief introductory email and overview of what you would like to write about to Christy Krumm Richard:    christy.krumm [at] gmail [dot] com